Thursday, October 14, 2010

El Capitolio: Capital Building of Puerto Rico

The Capital Building of Puerto Rico is situated in San Juan by the Ponce de León and Muñoz Rivera Avenues with a beautiful of the Atlantic Ocean. 

This is an arial view of the building:

Photo courtesy of the Puerto Rico Office of Historic Preservation

There are beautiful murals and art work inside the building, a couple of examples are shown in the photos below:

Photo by Anjana Dayal

Photo by Anjana Dayal

Photo by Anjana Dayal

The North-Eastern side of the Building. From the stairs you get a view of the Atlantic ocean and the Fort of San Cristobal.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

TAINOS: Indigenous Puerto Ricans

Some people liked to believe that the indigenous people of Puerto Rico were eliminated by Spaniards hundreds of years ago but they were always there on their own land. They survived, maybe in small numbers, and multiplied with other races as well.

Today, 61% of Puerto Rican population carries Taino blood in their DNA. Tainos and their interracial brethren have chosen to move on with the modernization in the country.

Cuando mis ojos Indios miran los Indios Nativos de Puerto Rico, me pregunto cuanto nuestros ancestros tenia in comun.... (When my Indian eyes see the native Indians of Puerto Rico, I wonder if our ancestors had something in common...)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Your time has come, O Borinquen!

Puerto Rico, thank you for sharing your warmth with me
Thank you for letting me rest in the shadow of your flamboyant tree
while I was walking in the desert, thirsty and weary 
Thank you for what is obvious and for what the eyes cannot see...
Photo by petulino
Puerto Rico, you are beautiful!
Your culture is rich, profound and colorful,
Wherever I look, I see the magnificent art of the almighty,
Your landscapes and beaches are delightful!
Photo by Anjana Dayal de Prewitt
Puerto Rico, you have had hard times,
The path of progress was hindered at times,
But your time has come, O Borinquen,
Photo By Joseph O. Prewitt Diaz
Arise and shine, be victorious over the dark-times!